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My Angel

A angel with goldish blond hair, with light blue eyes that you can get lost in and never want to leave, a smile that can light up a room, and a laugh that can melt the coldest of hearts.

if I could take a star from the heavens and put it around her neck, to show her how much I care for her. Because I would do it.... more »

My Life Story

You told me that we need some time apart, but my heart is still in love with you, I see all your fates and I can’t stop the feelings that rush over me when you are close to me, I wish I could be in life, but you don’t want me, you hate the person I’m, why don’t you want me back in you life? Why do you hate the person I’m so much? Why do you push me away, when you need someone in you life so much?

I grussd you moved on, you got someone new in your life, I wish you the best. “No”, I can’t say that, it a lie. I wish I could be the one you want, but I can’t be that person in your eyes.... more »

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