• A Prayer To Hart Crane

    They tried to blow up your bridge today
    Pray for us
    Pray for America... more »

  • Cold Texas Night

    Healing feeling too close to the ground
    Love is the greatest healer
    Angel flying too close to the ground
    Willie says... more »

  • Making A Day Of It

    Making a day of it
    With a jewel or two
    Saying something what needs saying
    Shall I take her along who smokes?... more »

  • None

    not sure if this is poem of some kind. But kinda wonna get some feedback. Its prop not that good!

    I heard them say they loved her.
    They spoke like they knew her, like she was an important person to them.... more »

  • Thanks For The Wine In Time

    Thanks for the wine in time
    It helps keep me in line
    It brings my priorities to mind
    Thanks Anica for the Bosnian brew... more »

  • The Altar At Noon

    The altar at noon
    A young priest with a golden chalice
    A cup of wine... more »

  • The Near-Part: Energy And A Bird

    I look upon a book of peoms
    Done by a single man
    And wonder how he got all those words
    Inside a single book... more »