• Great Uncle Arthur

    Great uncle Arthur was never a master
    of anything he tried either now or hereafter.
    When he potted a plant it withered and died
    and when he made jam it ran all over his hands.... more »

  • Guiding Moments

    We all have those moments,
    like a patch of azure sky.
    A lighting strike of mind and heart,
    sometimes heralds to new starts.... more »

  • Haiku Ukiah

    Footprints in the snow
    How strange what is not there lingers
    The church bells chime above... more »

  • Haiti

    Twisted broken rubble with layers of dust
    dampened by the stench of death,
    the reality of someone’s child,
    lonely, frightened, crushed with pain,... more »

  • Hand In Hand

    I can hear it on the window of the mind
    drip, drip, drip from high gutter to the ground,
    dripping from the verdant leaves,
    splashing wet on faces wiped on sleeves.... more »

  • Happy New Year

    Why do I sit here writing
    these words that few will see?
    These poems keep on arising
    as from and endless sea.... more »

  • He Spoke

    He spoke quietly
    And yet I heard so clearly
    He spoke gently
    And yet with such force... more »

  • Headless Chickens

    I heard today something deeply disturbing.
    Some news which I somehow find
    profoundly unnerving.
    The scientist have improved... more »

  • Heart Felt

    I thought I would see what with words I could do
    wrote a few poems, well quite a few
    and skilfully made a point or two.
    But I found that I couldn't do with words... more »

  • Heaven, Hell And Earth

    Soft glow of warmth and light and birth
    from which arises heaven, hell and earth
    and the desire to follow such a path
    that leads to one... more »

  • Hide And Seek

    With the sound of a mighty drum
    but one that has no skin
    and beat with the trunk of an oak
    that grew only in imaginations cloak.... more »

  • High Street Rhythms

    Up, down. Up, down,
    go his feet as he pedals,
    pedalling round.
    Gently rotating, circulating,... more »

  • High Waters' Tarn

    The small lake seated at the top of the mountain,
    what is there?

    Few climb the steep slopes with hope, to drink the highest water,... more »

  • His House

    the front reserved for special guests
    tradesmen shown the back
    the letter box earmarked, no junk mail
    the widows neatly dressed... more »

  • Holding On

    Half kind thoughts skim across the edge of tomorrow
    like the crows in flight in the half light of dusk
    and otters flash and splash in glinting streams
    of pure consciousness concealed by clear waters... more »

  • Home

    A thin layer of atmosphere
    sparkles blue
    with wispy insubstantial
    fluffy clouds drifting by... more »

  • Hot Day (Haiku)

    ... more »

  • How Art Thou?

    I would like to be in a van, go
    or perhaps arrested by a rural constable
    for falling into a big assed hole.
    I quite like some mug o teas... more »

  • Humility

    Early in the morning with warm blankets
    wrapped so snugly round that no cold air
    can find a way to reach my body bound
    and mind, not so softly wrapped but free to roam... more »

  • Hunger

    In my stomach a gaping chasm
    In my mind a maelstrom of bleak thoughts
    On my tongue a stuttering of incoherence
    On my shoulders a weight that buckles limbs... more »

  • I Can'T Take It Anymore

    I can’t take it any more:

    When I look in your eyes
    But no one’s in, inside... more »

  • I Met Him?

    He stood there
    Body hunched
    Mind stilled
    Heart open... more »

  • I R A T E T H E F O R U M

    Oh how I love the forum,
    with delicate shades of verse
    the subtle understanding
    with which we all converse!... more »

  • I Write A Poem To My Friends

    I write a poem to my friends,
    when all is hard and never ends:

    As ending means that which seems,... more »

  • If As

    As if I didn’t already know
    As if I didn’t feel the blow... more »