• Indeed We Were One And Now Are Strangely Not

    Indeed we were one and now are strangely not
    The love is ever hot and all in wide eyes begot
    Your supine spine thrills even yet to my rude touch
    You are now another’s. Surprisingly, it hurts so much.... more »

  • The Lovin' Fest

    We’re done now with love. Clouds form above,
    where once sky blue, angels pranced for you,
    and I teased your sweet bowl, while you cried me whole.
    I played the monkey, as in you dawned a jockey.... more »

  • T'Is Done Now 'Tween You And I

    Tomorrow we’re bound to meet, as promised, each to be discreet.
    I’ll wear a face, cheery, sweet, and you’ll bind up any pretty pointing teat
    Safely virtuous for new and other, we’ll perhaps chat about your mother.
    Dimming any passion hot that can now flare between us not.... more »