• A Feeling

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  • Arms Wide

    man am i sick of this drama comin out so quick
    man am i sick of this s**t thats tryna stick
    man yeah im sick but i dont care
    i said that if you needed a hand id be there... more »

  • By Your Side

    yeah well...you cant do a damn thing by yourself sometimes

    how many friends did he have?... more »

  • Chains

    Bound and held back from the world I seek
    Few know the destruction I wreak
    In the mind of another
    My soul is my own... more »

  • Dont Bleed (Full Song)

    Chorus: Don't Bleed....oh noooo...don't bleed; never leave me...here alone...
    No voices no sounds, in a grave, under the ground, no one to listen, no one to care (HERE ALONE, ALL ALONE)
    the last thing I will ever say, funny that I'm dead, yet I choose to pray, God help those who I have not, let them continue fighting, after I have fought, let my strength become theirs (MY STRENtGH) let my strength become theirs (MY STRENGTH)... more »

  • Dust To Dust

    In my heart theres a dream
    that all things were good
    that there was no poor, there was no hood
    there was no crime escalation... more »

  • End Of Me

    The Shadows That Creep In The Back Of Your Mind Are But A Dream Compared To The Nightmares That Stalk My Conscience

    This is the End for Me... more »

  • Forgive Me, Forgive And Forget

    Dreams and passions lead to misery and depression

    Complicated missions fall to pieces... more »

  • How To Live

    Deep inside within me resides the profound ability
    To clear the opacity and reveal the Indecency
    Of todays society, and its harsh brutality
    That sparks insanity, due to cruelty and due to vanity... more »

  • I Climbed To The Top

    climbed to the peak peeps, listen to me speek
    Know that u can, respect who i am
    Know that i show, that im proud to be loud
    Let go, let me see, how u can truly, really be... more »

  • I Rhyme For Passion

    Livin this life so long day by day
    just waitin here to here you say
    the wordz thatll free my soul
    the wordz thatll make me whole... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish I could wrap her up, and put her away
    Lay her softly on a golden tray... more »

  • Insanely Derranged

    I am Insanely deranged and up tight in this situation
    my arms so heavy and my min is so light in this frustration
    I don’t understand this, maybe I’ve gone crazy
    I don’t know this, maybe I’ve cracked... more »

  • Little Drummer Girl

    Every week she steps daily in army,
    Faking that she does it happily,
    evenly taps it out constantly
    the beat always comes to me... more »

  • Live For Today (Verse 2)

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  • No Right

    You have no right,
    to hold me down,
    No right, to stop my fight,
    you have No right, to end my night,... more »

  • Not Afraid Man

    spick span tip top, clean
    top of the game, fresh ass, thats what i mean
    im not gonna lie bout the things that i see
    neva been hood, always been good... more »

  • Quicksand

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  • Rain

    so the sky is blue but the rain is still comin,
    the rainbows are out, and the thunders still drummin,
    the sun keeps shining but the weather speaks of night,
    to the simple minded things arent right,... more »

  • Spring Day By G.D.C.W

    Not so white banks of snow.
    On melting banks, sits several large black crows.
    Their interest, underneath the snow.
    The Dod finds smells lost till spring.... more »

  • Stranger

    Man i never met, i man i never knew
    yet he stands above yelling IM HER TO SAVE YOU
    He Stretches out his arm, and opens up his hand
    but i can here the song of death, coming from the band... more »

  • The Bird

    his wings that flied
    now are tied someone
    save him before the bird has died
    let it go... more »

  • Time Is All That Matters

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  • True Emcee

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  • Truth

    we all hate it, we raise eyes and ask why, then chastise
    when it is revealed because we can't believe,
    what it is were hearing,
    he didn't do it,... more »