David Zvekic Poems

Ode To Words I Didn'T Write

I drifted off throughout that night,
My breath held deep in thrall to art
With words I felt but didn't write -
They fled my pen; I couldn't start.... more »

The Lazy Poor Poet [limerick]

There once was a lazy poor poet,
But indignant she didn't quiet know it.
Just one bad review,
And her blood turned all blue,... more »

All Things Lost

Of all words ever said before,
Of all the knowledge known,
Of all the theories held before,
And all that I've been shown;... more »

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Comments about David Zvekic

Ronberge .. 09 Nov 2005 03:00
No doubt about it: poetry for you is a craft, and it shows... Just putting in writing what you already know- that I enjoy reading your work. Amicalement votre, Ronberge..
Theodora Onken 20 Sep 2005 10:19
This is absolutely breath-takingly beautiful...you do have a way with words! Theodora Onken
Sally Nesmith 20 Jun 2005 09:14
I enjoyed the rhyme scheme of this poem. As said before....very melodic. Sincerely Sally Nesmith