I'm a little bit Rebel and Redneck mixed in a little bit of Bipolar and Hey! ! You and I just met! I try and educate on The American Pit Bull Terriers and bully Breeds, I am firmly against breeding The American Pit Bull Terriers and Pit Bulls, any dogs or cats with the over population. I educate on spay and neater along with Veterinarian care, vaccines, and Flea, tick, heart worm prevention. If we all worked together we could cut the numbers dramatically.
I am a lost cause I feel & some might not get me or my Stories and poems. I am mentally ill, however you mix in having a stroke and it = me


Dawn Lochridge Poems

My Glory Girl

She is midnight black.
The best ride of your life.
She is so gentle as the moon light;
Yetwould give you the ride of your life under the moon light.... more »

Simply Love That Beautiful Smile

I sure do
Simply Love that beautiful smile
I am a beautiful dog inside and out.
With a beautiful smile.... more »

Thank You For

The best gift in my lifetime was given by you and I want to thank you:

Thank you for letting me know you.
Thank you for helping me to understand you.... more »

Dawn Lochridge Quotes

I can be hard to love an in the past made very bad decisions... But never under-estimate me... I have learned from mistakes. Its very important to think you know me.. I will let you know me when I am ready for you too
Dawn Lea Lochridge Hardin
I love God above all, my children and grand daughters. My furbabies.
My Life
Don't hate me beca8se you can't be me and have a positive mentality, my fashion style and taste, or the classy Lady of the south I am. I will definitely school you though

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