• ~ Infinity ~

    My beautiful daughter and son
    You both are myheart, my love is infinity from the day you were born and now my heart still beats so strongly for you two.
    I thank my savior Jesus Christ for you two
    If not for Jesus intervening in my life at age15 I would have been down a path of doomed destruction.... more »

  • A Woman's Heart

    The heart of a woman is a precious work of art,each individual woman will learn the strength of their heart with the troubles faced in their lifetime.
    A woman's heart without love is easy to shatter as a
    rock thrown through a window.... more »

  • Bitter Tongue Of Torture

    A man stands in front of A Judge,
    Lied so tenderly with thebitter tongue of torture, lies spew from the mouth of torture.
    Promised until death do us part.
    Only to continue destructive behavior of a mad man.... more »

  • Black Smudge

    I was a independent single mother..
    Now I am just a black smudge..
    Iv'e always been a black smudge!
    I try everyday to better myself with a positive additiude an Thank you Lord for another day!... more »

  • Chess

    Chess- See its more than a game.
    Its A med formed of life.
    It teaches you about life.
    It teaches you about what you want out of life and how to get it.... more »

  • Dark Cloud Or Sunny Day

    As the dark cloud hangs over my head I do my best to dream of a sunny day.
    I am a dark cloud of gloom that prays for sunny days,
    Often referred to asbeautifully broken or desperately seeking drama,
    I didn't choose to be the way I am- easily bored and drama crazed,... more »

  • Don't Judge

    Just because I come from Georgia doesn't make me a dumb redneck.
    I am an educated, classy lady with Bipolar, Anxiety, Panic, and an eating disorder.
    I am not a nut, I am Plagued everyday.
    I functioned and raised two kids.... more »

  • End The Ban

    The heart of a pitbull is loving and loyal.
    Judged so poorly and unfair from ignorance and fear.
    Not to mention the terrible torture they had to endear at the hands of humans that gain financially with their evil and wicked unsavory way of life and characters, and if they didn't win their cast out and sent to be on their own?
    If their lucky enough to be alive,... more »

  • I Will Never Rest In Peace

    I will never rest in peace:
    Don't visit me to cut my heart with your sharp tongue!
    There is more to me than the beauty and looks you claim I have.
    I'm fighting as I grow older.... more »

  • Its A Must Or Mental

    Probably today -I will light up that first cigarette of the day only tolay in bed all day.
    Probaly a must - Well to be honest its a Mental must.
    Probably today I will binge eat and try not to purge, starve myself, and eat when everyone gets in bed,it's a great chance I will purdge.
    Probably a mental must- I self pity and turn into a opinionatedmaniac, it's all about me and talk and talk about the past.... more »

  • My Daddy

    A daddy‘s for protecting. A daddy‘s for playing an walking and singing too.
    A daddy's for lifting you up higher and higher.
    A daddy's for making you laugh and laugh.
    A daddy's is for his silly faces and jokes.... more »

  • My Glory Girl

    She is midnight black.
    The best ride of your life.
    She is so gentle as the moon light;
    Yetwould give you the ride of your life under the moon light.... more »

  • My Hurt

    Cast aside as if I never mattered,
    Hurt by your words and actions,
    Will I rise from the hurt?
    I will, You can't break me,... more »

  • My Love

    My love - the special love we have is what we have looked for all our lives.
    At 46 I found my true love.
    I went through a few bad apples and always reached a lemon and took the bad behavior for fear of being alone.
    My love -I will never betray you and will rely on you.... more »

  • My Mama

    ... more »

  • My Roxii Anne

    My Roxii Anne you are A Sweet little " American Pit Bull Terrier.
    You have the heart of thousands of a soldiers.
    We love and get along,
    Your heart beatsto it'sown drum.... more »

  • Mysterious!

    She stands alone with her last Smoke of the night.
    While she is watching the sun coming up
    You can see what a day she lives lighting another cigarette.
    She is so mysterious.... more »

  • Now He Knows Now

    He doesn't know how much love I feel for him.

    He doesn't know the feeling I have in my heart for him.... more »

  • Respect Your Mother

    ... more »

  • Simply Love That Beautiful Smile

    I sure do
    Simply Love that beautiful smile
    I am a beautiful dog inside and out.
    With a beautiful smile.... more »

  • Suicide

    Hey suicide, Its me again, "Mentally ill"
    I wanna come visit you.
    You remember me surely.
    I've visited you before only to wake up and realize-... more »

  • Sweet Little Pitbull

    Leave me at a door in a basket with a note.
    Tell the loving family you chose "I am a Sweet little Pitbull born into the world of innocence".
    And I will be the loving sweet little pitbull.
    I can be trained in the way I should go.... more »

  • Thank You For

    The best gift in my lifetime was given by you and I want to thank you:

    Thank you for letting me know you.
    Thank you for helping me to understand you.... more »

  • Yours Truly, Mentally Ill

    ... more »