• A Stab At Evil

    So many visions I must sample,
    Hate and violence more than ample,
    I grow bored with victims I trample,
    Deepest darkness now has... more »

  • Defining My Childhood

    A child of rape.
    A raped child.
    My first attempt at suicide at age 5.
    Taught to lie and manipulate the people I 'love' as my Mother lied to me, manipulated me, traded me for drugs, sold me for money. Taught to hold it all in, to hide it behind my smile.... more »

  • Dreams Die

    Dreams, dreams die,
    I don't know why,
    Dreams, dreams die,
    It still makes me cry.... more »

  • Grieve Not

    Grieve not the loss
    of blood or friend,
    and pity not the
    'bitter' end....... more »

  • I Found A Feather

    I believe,
    this is an angel feather.
    Sent from God above,
    to serve as a reminder... more »

  • Meth

    You make me interesting and fun.
    You make me a priority to everyone,
    when you are mine.
    You make me happy in a fantasy.... more »

  • My Big Wild Oak

    My big wild oak tree has toppled to the ground, breaking my heart as he fell. Oh, the horror of his glory laid down upon the forest floor. I am just so sad.... more »

  • No Way To Get In

    I am afraid of saying hello,
    for I fear the pain of goodbye.
    I am afraid to listen,
    for the fear of hearing you lie.... more »