Dawson Walter Smith Biography

Dawson Walter Smith started writing in his adolescence and eventually stopped before graduating high school driven by wanting to impress a girl. He wrote nearly 1000 poems and sonnets during his high school years. He served in Afghanistan after high school as a truck driver while in the Marines. He published a book of 250 poems when he was 20 years old. He did a lot of synthetic drugs including synthetic marijuana and synthetic cocaine while he was in the Marines because they could not be drug tested for them. He developed intestinal cancer shortly after stopping them after multiple years of daily use. He was 25 when he developed cancer. He was said to have studied science from the library on his own after the Marines instead of going to college. He was also an inventor that created some of his own personal inventions for private use, he never openly tried to explain himself. All he would say is that they worked the way he wanted them to and they were not for sale. He never filed any patents. Currently there has been no eulogy of him but very little else is known of him.
He was said to be 15/16 German and 1/16 English.