I began poetry as a teenager in love and wrote lots of stuff that I hope nobody ever sees. I've stuck with it and developed my craft through the years. I studied Shakespeare in England, which was inspirational, and took a course on Milton's Paradise Lost, which inspired me, too.
I practice law, which is gratifying in its own way, but I like to keep up with poetry because it can bring insight and clarity and beauty to your life.


Day Williams Poems

To Praise The Lord

To praise the Lord is good.
For praise is communion with God.
For praise heals the heart and soul.
For praise is right, for the Lamb of God is worthy of it.... more »

Heaven And Earth

(Genesis 1: 1)

Heaven and earth
God made to start,... more »

God Made The Starts

(Genesis 1: 16)

God spoke, and stars
Lit up the sky:... more »

Day Williams Quotes

Poetry matches the guts and sinews of language to emotions that are inarticulable in other art forms.
Day Williams
Time gnaws at your heart and bones, and you must fight back with truth, justice, and beauty.
Day Williams
Dive into the Holy Spirit's well, for His treasure is endless.
Day Williams

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