Borned in Malaysia where she completed high school education. Earned her B.S. from National University of Singapore major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Then she worked and lived in Singapore until she left for US as a graduate student in 1992. In between which she was in England for 1.5 years on fully paid academic scholarship by Singapore government for her Master degree in Artificial Intelligence and other trainings.

She is an avid reader of science and technology journels, anything related to psychology, hypnotherapy, philosophy, linguistic, health & medicine or plants and gardening. Her other hobbies include gardening, origami and intellectual conversation.

She worked for about 25 years in Computer systems related area in application systems development in industry as well as teaching in colleges.

Currently, she practises Oriental medicine as a Texas state Licensed Acupuncturist.


De De Comingg Poems


Bobbing on sampan

each other wonder?... more »


Love is like a caterpillar crawling in your heart
It tickles in places you cannot touch
Making your heart murmurs EKGram cannot trace
Waves of randomness equation no mathematician can define... more »


Happiness is not having to ask …
When... more »

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