I don't think I qualify to be classified in any particular genre of poetry...I simply write how I'm feeling, hence why a poem doesn't hit me very often. I can't go back and write about something that's happened, I can only write about what I'm going through at that very moment. I can't write happy poems, hence why all of them are a bit on the dark side. My poems rarely rhyme, and I don't attempt to make them rhyme...but I really think that's what makes my stuff unique.

I hope that when you read these you don't critique them like you would someone who does this for a living, but read them as if you were reading my personal journal, and if you can feel the way I did at the time then I've been successful.

I've organized my poems by Year, so that you can get a sense of how I've grown since I began this journey back when I was 14. Hopefully, you all will see the growth and appreciate the changes my poetry underwent over the years.


Deana Rode Poems

(1997) Love

Could you give me some sign
that your faith in me is strong?
Your voice is all I hear
your language is all I understand... more »

(1999) College Lonliness

Last night I had a scare
and woke up finding it reality
That your beautiful warmth
is not with me anymore.... more »

(1997) Glass Hallway

A glass hallway with no escape
Nobody can ever get in
I can never get out
Watching the world with narrow eyes... more »

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