• (1994) Fool

    I was a fool to break it off,
    I was a fool to let you go.
    You were the best thing in my life,
    Oh, what a fool am I.... more »

  • (1995) Do You Care

    Do you care if I am happy,
    And that I’m proud?
    Do you like to see me smile,
    And not drown in my tears?... more »

  • (1995) Silent Enlightenment

    I see you lying next to me,
    Breathing softly and slowly,
    Your eyes closed gently dreaming,
    And I suddenly see that... more »

  • (1996) Paradox

    To look at her in a glance,
    She looks almost like a child;
    Her short sunset hair, her tiny hands,
    Her small and delicate body.... more »

  • (1996) With Me

    Dance with me by the light of the moon,
    Play with me in the beach tides of noon.
    Sit with me by the glow of the sun,
    Run with me ‘till the day is done.... more »

  • (1997) Glass Hallway

    A glass hallway with no escape
    Nobody can ever get in
    I can never get out
    Watching the world with narrow eyes... more »

  • (1997) Glass Heart

    Glass heart
    fragile and frail
    beautiful and naive
    do you fear to fall... more »

  • (1997) Love

    Could you give me some sign
    that your faith in me is strong?
    Your voice is all I hear
    your language is all I understand... more »

  • (1998) Admission Of Love

    I know not if I can make love to you
    Although I agree to sleep with you

    My ideas of love are shaded with gray... more »

  • (1998) Depression

    Stab me with your rusty knives
    I don't care
    I've given up my quest for acceptance
    Left my dream of peace... more »

  • (1998) For Dad

    What does it feel like to hate someone you love,
    To wish they were better even though you admire them
    or to be in disgust when you think she's beautiful
    How do you live in fear and happiness simultaneously... more »

  • (1998) Virginia Mist

    Listen to the trees sing songs of love
    Maybe then you’ll know what must be done
    Can you feel the Virginia mist
    Go through and take the pain of long ago... more »

  • (1999) College Lonliness

    Last night I had a scare
    and woke up finding it reality
    That your beautiful warmth
    is not with me anymore.... more »

  • (1999) Alone

    Sit in a chair
    People I thought were
    friends... more »

  • (1999) Approaching The End

    Could you explain the tear in my heart
    or the pain in my mind
    from my confusing world
    that’s flipped upside-down... more »

  • (1999) The First Night

    The distance is so far
    yet entirely within my reach
    My loneliness consumes me
    even though this is a repeated scene... more »

  • (2001) Aftermath

    Sometimes I wonder if you feel it;
    the residue of the love we shared
    that's left in your bed;
    if its fingers go through your body... more »

  • (2001) Emotional Turmoil

    Do you see
    what you do to me
    every time you walk away
    or whenever... more »

  • (2001) Saying Goodbye

    You wouldn't look at me
    as I said my final words
    I guess the pain of watching me go
    was too much for you to take.... more »

  • (2001) Today

    Today I looked at you
    and got the feeling that
    maybe you still love me
    and that perhaps this time... more »

  • (2002) After It's Over

    After you say goodbye,
    where do I go?
    Your world has been my own
    for such a long time.... more »

  • (2002) Final Thoughts Of The Broken

    Months have flown by like years
    and yet I feel like you left today
    alone I sit and cry my tears..
    god it seems like it will never end... more »

  • (2002) Cries From A Broken Heart

    How many days must I wait
    until you and I reunite
    How long must I bear this god forsaken pain
    until you return to my empty arms... more »

  • (2002) Realization

    Alone I stood, looking onto the horizon
    when she came to me.
    I looked down at her,
    the face of innocence in her eyes;... more »

  • (2003) Longing

    I want to touch you
    to feel your body between my fingers
    and absorb you through my skin... more »