Because I can.


Deanza L. WalwynBowrin Poems

I Am Who I Am...And I Am Me

I am on a mission for greatness… greater than any man/woman could imagine…
My soul craves perfection from my ancestors who stood before me…
I stand tall and erect… my confidence emanating…
Honing my tools of intelligence to hold power in my hands…... more »

Read The Tears

If my tears could tell a story
They would show you all my joys and my pains
The droplets that I cried, when I was feeling lonely
The ones that fell, when you were to blame... more »

And I Say Smile

A rose with such beauty as yourself, has no reason to hide
No reason to shelter, no reason to frown;
Then why are you always feeling sad and down?
And I say SMILE…... more »

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