• $alvation

    Rented sign
    in bold letters
    'Souls Wanted, Apply Within'... more »

  • A Blue Iris

    The rains had come
    to cool and soothe
    the ashes & embers
    of burnt out thoughts... more »

  • Alone

    I stand tall, naked
    limbs extended to the sun

    proudly, I reach for the sky... more »

  • Alone (Revised)

    I stand tall, naked
    limbs extended to the sun

    proudly, I reach for the sky... more »

  • Along Came Death

    Along came death....then
    her arms held open wide....that day
    Sometime later eyes open....now
    sweeping gently for remnants of life....forever... more »

  • Another Life

    I have not eaten for
    I feed on thought
    wild, hungry gnawing
    consuming mind and body.... more »

  • Black Ink

    My pen hovers above white paper
    words stumble in my mind ready
    to spill in rich black ink... more »

  • Darkness

    I tried to hide the darkness
    but it showed upon my skin

    I tried to hide the sorrow... more »

  • I Know

    I know
    the robins song
    in the dawn
    I know... more »

  • Leaves Gathered

    I say I don't know how to
    breathe without you as you
    leave, your return unknown,
    unwise, unfair... more »

  • Lover

    I love a man
    his skin is black
    I love his laugh
    his skin is black... more »

  • Marinade

    Jagged clouds
    touch the sunset
    gray disturbs orange
    a chance meeting... more »

  • Midnight Confession

    The wind danced all night
    through tall knitted pines
    a full moon cloaked in grey
    crept from east to west... more »

  • No-One

    No-One comes
    to stay in her blue
    room with the white
    bedspread, flowers... more »

  • Reflections

    The sky was the softest blue
    scattered clouds painted on a canvas
    stretched out before me... more »

  • Remembering Ona

    Red hat
    broad grin,
    kind brown eyes... more »

  • Sunrise Lei

    Sea shells gather at my feet
    as the waves tumble over and over blending
    sea foam with sky, sand, shoreline, toes ... more »

  • The End

    He took a long last drag
    as he looked
    out across the water,
    the birds raced and dived,... more »

  • The Grass

    I am my Mother, as I weep
    when reading of death and life,
    knowing forever exists only in
    the mind.... more »

  • The Longing

    My hands could feel the blooms
    blossoms bursting,
    in the bed of yellow, pink,
    red, lavender... more »

  • War

    'W' wages war
    while wives...widows weep
    what will we win?... more »

  • Webs

    ... more »

  • You Leave So Quickly

    You leave so quickly
    into the night
    followed by my thoughts,
    footsteps that pace in your mind... more »