• Monalisa

    Monalisa, name thy My Heart.
    My Love, its My Portrait.
    I have given its Name.
    She is my Fame.... more »

  • Monalisa-1

    Silent you and my lonely time,
    Make you know my heart line.
    Hey breeze take my breathe to her,
    I wait still, say it in her ear.... more »

  • Monalisa-2

    Phone rings, I pick up think its you.
    Bell sounds, open the door think its you.
    Wait a mail when a reply 'll come from you.
    Day goes Night comes, Never its you.... more »

  • Monalisa-3

    You came from portrait to my life,
    Make me to talk and to smile.
    Your smile is my lyric of life,
    But you left me lonely on the tide.... more »

  • Monalisa-4

    If I able to sing a song,
    I can forget the lonely moment.
    If I able to smile a lot,
    I can breathe the parting of love.... more »