• A Loved One Lost

    The loss of a loved one is a hard thing to face,
    The world speeds past, you can’t keep up the pace.

    The minutes blur to hours and then into days,... more »

  • All From A Snap Shot

    She sits there quietly; trying to focus, through her tear filled eyes.
    Memories through photography;
    Looking at dreams that came true;
    All from a snap shot, of her and you.... more »

  • Alone In The Dark

    The darkness consumes me, this emptiness I can't withstand.
    Jesus, can you see me? I'm reaching for your hand.

    ”Child, I never left you, beside you I AM.... more »

  • Both Sides Of Suicide

    Twas the night before the death of a very sad man,
    He was sitting all alone and would not stand.
    All hope he had lost and he just didn't care,
    The misery consumed him as he sat there.... more »

  • Into Your Eyes

    The eyes staring back at me are filled with so much pain.
    Eyes filled with sadness, overflowing, forming rivers as tears drain.

    The eyes staring back at me are so consumed with fear.... more »

  • My Precious Charlie

    I never held you in my arms
    or sang a lullaby...
    But, you are part of my heart
    it aches as I cry...... more »

  • The Time Has Come

    It is impossible to believe, all I have is your memory.

    Every thought of you brings loneliness,
    Every prayer seems hopeless,... more »