• Another

    Another time another year
    Another chance to face my fears
    Another bell another ring
    Another chance to do my thing... more »

  • Confessions-(Look At Me)

    he is like the heaven to my hell
    the smile upon my face
    and sadly with each and every definite trace of the contours of his eyes
    and the plumpness of his lips... more »

  • Do You Believe In Love?

    Do you believe in you and me
    Do you believe we'll live happily
    Together... more »

  • Mentalities

    if i could pinpoint the location
    and annoint senseless sensations
    to a degree untouchably holy
    than with all my might, i'd fight... more »

  • The Black Queen

    The Black Queen walked down the street and we all bowed down
    The Black Queen looked at me and there was no sound
    The Black Queen fell down and dropped her own crown
    The Black Queen went up and went down as she began to pound... more »