Born in Bloomington, Indiana. Married in 2003 to Greg Peterson. I started writing poems in high school. In 1987, my writing became a release after having a hysterectomy at the age of 20. My writing has now become a labor of love that I plan to give the child we adopt, which will be happening very soon.


Debbie Peterson Poems

A Prayer Answered

Here I am on my knees again
Wondering this time where to begin
You answered my prayers
When you led me to him,... more »

The Man With The Baton

There's a great man I know
Who can put on a great show
When he takes the baton in his hand.... more »


There's a name I always wanted to have
Since I was a little girl.
I dreamed of having one or two
With brown eyes and hair with curls.... more »

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