• A Prayer Answered

    Here I am on my knees again
    Wondering this time where to begin
    You answered my prayers
    When you led me to him,... more »

  • For Tom

    You were like my big brother
    When we were growing up.
    You were our weekend babysitter
    Who always made it fun.... more »

  • Grandma's Quilt

    The edges are worn on this old quilt
    From years of keeping me warm.
    She sewed each piece by hand with love
    A craft she mastered through years of practice.... more »

  • Mommy

    There's a name I always wanted to have
    Since I was a little girl.
    I dreamed of having one or two
    With brown eyes and hair with curls.... more »

  • The Child

    There is no laughter
    Inside these walls
    There are no toys
    Scattered in the halls.... more »

  • The Man With The Baton

    There's a great man I know
    Who can put on a great show
    When he takes the baton in his hand.... more »