• A Broken Marriage?

    The names hurt me, the fists bruise me

    You suffer, I suffer, We suffer... more »

  • A Spelling Kept Me From Finding You

    8 years of my life i've been lonely without you
    Although i've never forgotten, i knew what we had was something true.

    Your nickname, your presence... more »

  • Confused

    I don’t know if I should feel like this,
    I don’t know what to do... more »

  • Friendship

    You'll always be a friend, and a special one at that
    I can always rely upon you, to take my coat and hat
    Sit me down and hear me, I like our little chats... more »

  • Hidden

    The world is alive with the sun beating down
    New life is growing all around

    But hidden away in a corner of it all... more »

  • Love Is.....

    Love is......

    I love you, I hate you
    I need you, I want you.... more »

  • Who I Am Today

    Before the light of day appears, here I lie with all my fears
    I wake with thoughts that fill my head, with feelings of pure dread.

    I have to live, put on my mask
    Oh yes, this day will be a task!... more »

  • Written In The Stars?

    The cards were turned, an interesting spread
    He looked at me closely, what was meant?

    It's not all bad news, it was telling me that... more »