• A Boy Named Zach

    There was a young boy
    Who lived with his dad,
    His name was Zach,
    He was never sad.... more »

  • A Canadian Goose

    A Canadian goose was on the loose.
    Every day he would say as he'd fly
    High in the sky, ' Look at me, look at me,
    I'm free, I'm free! '... more »

  • A Little Bit Of History (Part 1)

    Mr. Tupper made the ware
    Assyrians dyed the hair
    Egyptians made the cough drop
    Back in 1000 B.C.... more »

  • A Sanctuary For My Heart

    As we live in this cruel cruel world
    It takes a strong soul to survive
    With ups and downs all in a twirl
    I wonder why I'm still alive.... more »

  • Aluminum Cans

    This is one way
    You can start living green
    On the side of the roads
    The shine can be seen... more »

  • Auburn And Gray

    Silly me some would say
    Cuz I love the old man,
    My auburn and his gray,
    His white skin and my tan,... more »

  • Baby Peas And Rhubarb

    Rhubarb and strawberries
    Carrots and raspberries
    Swiss chard and blueberries
    Green beans and baby peas... more »

  • Billy Boy

    He stuck his tongue
    On to the ice
    He couldn't brake free
    It didn't feel nice... more »

  • Cabin Party

    My mind couldn't function,
    We were lost in the fog,
    But kept driving through the junction
    Till we parked next to a log.... more »

  • Children From The Night Sky

    Oh, to taste just one hour
    Let me wonder out the door
    Breaking chains of commitment
    As if never done before... more »

  • Clouds Of Thunder

    Gray was the sky as the morning drew near
    While the Captain and Crew prepare for the fight.
    The Villain of Death has now drawn his spear
    To shed innocent blood till the middle of night.... more »

  • Confusion

    As we became surrounded
    By a multitude of choices
    Our dreams became grounded
    Listening to the many voices... more »

  • Cut My Heart Out

    Your plan to destroy
    Started out slow.
    I was your first victim,
    But you didn't know... more »

  • Dandruff

    ' You've got dandruff! '
    Was the little boys reply,
    As the biggest, monstrous white flakes
    Kept falling from the sky.... more »

  • Deep Into The Earth

    There lies a secret
    Into the depths below
    Craters extracted
    The earthen glow... more »

  • Depletion No More

    Statistically speaking
    Something is lacking
    Brain malfunction
    Everyone's packing... more »

  • Didn'T Ask For Much

    He was a hard-working man
    He'd get up early every morning
    He'd reach for a sauce pan
    And make oatmeal to eat before going,... more »

  • Dillan Joshua

    Daddy gave the call
    'Dillan, hit the ball! '
    Off flew his hat
    As he swung the bat... more »

  • Disconnected

    A sparkling gem
    Is the earth to the sky
    But the wolf in the den
    With no food will soon die... more »

  • Don'T Leave

    It was a dream come true
    To be on board the ship
    I finally got to meet you
    As I stood beside the table... more »

  • Dream On

    Let us analyse the situation,
    What brought on this infatuation?
    Could it be his strong character
    Or his righteous indignation?... more »

  • Drifting Into The Bi-Polar Region

    Mountains of cotton,
    Polyester and wool
    Seem to surround
    The disgruntled soul... more »

  • Easy For You To Say

    It was not my imagination
    This communication vibration
    Helping me see my situation
    To follow through the regulation... more »

  • Ely Lake

    As I sit on the once sandy beach
    I feel the warm sun on my skin
    A cool breeze is blowing
    The birds are all singing... more »

  • England Bound

    We took a limo to the airport,
    England was our destination.
    Looking out the airplane window
    Came to be a fascination.... more »