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The quest for liberation of the oppressed is derailed when its leaders are seduced by the desire to obtain the power held by oppressor.
Deborah L. Dalton, ‪#‎Notes2Myself‬
If I refuse to forgive those who harm me, I open myself up to the temptation to inflict the same harm towards another. That which I don't accept as forgivable I either redefine as a permission slip to dismiss the value of the perpetrator or reframe the infraction as a suitable valuable action to employ myself. Forgiveness requires a degree of empathy, the ability to recognize the humanity of others, and the keen awareness of how as a joint member of humanity, I am capable of that same human flaw. If I deny the evil within another, I am seeking to setup the temptation to deny the same (similar) evil within myself. Yes, as a Christian, forgiveness is about modeling the love of Christ, but it is also about ensuring my moral accountability.
Deborah L. Dalton, ‪#‎Notes2Myself‬
So the message is: Men are going to mistreat you, use you, and play with you, if you don't want it then stop allowing it Men are going to cheat on you, if you don't want it be a better partner to avoid it Men are going to hit you, if you don't want it stop provoking it Men are going to rape, if you don't want it change your face, your dress, or yourself to prevent it White privilege (and it's equally evil twin racism) is going to marginalize and dehumanize you, if you don't want it become super intelligent, super respectful, and impeccably dressed so you can rise above it AND, if they still do it, maybe, just maybe society will hold them accountable, because you did enough to prevent them from doing you harm... But, then again, there must still be something you did to cause this atrocity to happen. Oh give me a d@mn break!
Deborah L. Dalton, #Notes2Myself

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