• Bonfire

    They bought this edge-of Fifteen Mile Pond
    to “get away from things, ” swim unencumbered
    in green blue pool, explore Black Walnut copse,
    trade city-bound encroachments for peace... more »

  • Confessions Of A Pack Rat, Sometime Antiquarian

    Prehistoric Rubbermaid, in situ, half efforts at concealment
    in cover of over-stuffed garage, bulging seams. I, on
    way to the beer fridge, pass camping mess and debitage
    soccer balls, spare bicycle parts, lithic garden vase... more »

  • Places I'Ve Slept

    For t.b. rudy, poet at Cornell University, because I could never
    find this poem after you read it once, so I wrote my own.... more »

  • Road Ice

    Only country kids know
    crystalline symmetry of packed black ice
    under a flirtatious blush of Lake Huron snow
    ’76 Gran Torino, packed full of thrill seekers... more »

  • Tactical Manoeuvres On Fairington

    Not Red-wings or Cardinals, but
    Blackbirds, squadron ranks
    of quick-flitting, V formation... more »

  • That Corner Of My Garden

    Heavy-cloud turmoil
    I wander outside to assess
    post-storm damage... more »

  • Things That Cause Me To Pause

    things that cause me to pause and
    to hold my breathe
    and remember
    the poetry of exhaling... more »

  • This Is What Motion Feels Like: Santiago De Compostela

    To carve a walking stick means to turn your back,
    pack away the pause of last night in the sermon of now
    find the forward universe in motion and soft footsteps,... more »

  • Three Brother Melody

    Finger-memorized the chords to Jan and Dean at the tender age of twelve, played a song with his friends, first band; what a show they made, hands playing upon the throaty neck of a Gibson SG that his older brother lent him, Tom, the eldest, teaching both younger brothers their harmony - a lacquered dark brown body, rosewood neck, chrome tuning pegs; it was a beauty they all agreed, then harmonized more – The White Album,
    all friends, a reverb amp, and song,

    talked with hands because words failed in his throat as the doctor intoned that their newborn second son would not live, he simply died in his arms, such a small boy with... more »