• A Mother's Hands

    These mother's hands have reached and held,
    brushed away many a tear.
    They washed and cleaned, mended many a thing,
    pulled their child close, just to be near.... more »

  • A Mother's Heart

    A daughter, a son
    Mothers heart, loving, caring,
    nuturing. Breaking.... more »

  • David Bruce

    Once a family of five
    Now reduced to four
    A brother dearly loved
    But, seen no more... more »

  • Elysian

    Placed just so, in balance
    Assuming proper place,
    Planets high in order;
    For all the human race.... more »

  • Foliage

    Mysterious, complex,
    Components, secret, hidden from view,
    Yet vibrant and outlandish;
    Possessing many hues.... more »

  • Healer

    She softly steps in to sense and assess
    Her instincts refined, she can do no less

    Is it cut or sore; or of the mind?... more »

  • Leaving The Club

    In perspiration,
    I writhe, contort, grind, rock low
    Wet snow cools my heat... more »

  • Mighty King

    Arms stretched, demanding
    Mighty king of his domain
    The crib looks so small... more »

  • The Show

    Lights dim, the crowd roars
    Bass boom takes over the room
    My head bangs in time... more »

  • You And I, In The Garden Of Life

    Along the garden path one day,
    I sought respite and stopped.
    And in the air, a lingering…
    Twas roses, so I thought.... more »