• Ben Folds: Piano Prodigy

    Out of North Carolina
    Comes the self-taught piano prodigy.
    With quick and experienced fingers,
    That dance among on the ivories.... more »

  • Bored

    Walking across the parking lot, she complains about the distance;
    It is too far for her tired souls.
    Like a child in a museum, she questions everything;
    Accepting an answer she does not fully understand.... more »

  • European Food

    One massive buffet of savory food.
    Warm, large flattened crepes
    Served with Nutella on the Avenue des Champs Élysées,... more »

  • Mess

    As I walk to the front door
    Through the prairie grass lawn.
    I notice the door was unlocked again and
    Filthy hiking boots block the entryway.... more »

  • Mother Goose On Drugs

    Watching the clock tick minutes away
    Second by second
    Diddle by diddle
    While a scrawny hairless dog laughs,... more »

  • Subtle Alarm Clock

    This morning, the sun woke me.
    it came in through my second-story bedroom window.
    It was quieter than my alarm clock.... more »

  • The Accident

    A three year old
    having so much to learn
    with orange locks
    that lay jagged across the forehead... more »

  • The Sweatshirt

    Faded gray sweatshirt
    Worn countless times
    Experienced countless memories.... more »

  • The Vise

    The paper-thin gown was but a minor discomfort
    Compared to the excruciating pain,
    tearing a hole in my left lung.
    But the irritation was good.... more »

  • Who Is She?

    With hair the color of a rusted bucket
    survived by each changing season,
    it hangs to her elbows like a blanket
    of wool on a king-sized bed.... more »

  • Withered

    We will have withered skin
    the texture of leather.
    Each crevice of our skin will become a valley.... more »