• Build Me An Ark!

    It's pouring on the outside
    Rain and thunder too! !
    Raindrops keep on falling
    There's nothing I can do... more »

  • Can You Say Gullible...Not!

    Today, a new email popped up in my in-box
    Wow! ! Mail...for little 'ole me? !
    How wonderful! !... more »

  • Clearing The Air

    After what seems like an eternity
    Of avoiding our issues...
    We've finally had that 'talk' today... more »

  • Cold Hearted

    She had come to think of herself
    As a cold hearted Bitch
    She reasoned that...
    She must have been... more »

  • Company Policy

    They've taken away,
    My laughter.
    Told me I can't laugh.
    Banished jokes,... more »

  • Conservation Conversation

    If you've ever had
    A small child in your life,
    You know the joy
    Of watching them... more »

  • Create The Illusion Of Calm

    A poem for someone who needs to hear this...

    When life sends you chaos and destruction
    Create the illusion of calm... more »

  • Deeply Buried

    Deeply buried 'neath the snow
    Lies my garden
    I should know...
    I toiled long and hard... more »

  • Demise Of A Daffodil

    Petals wither,
    Leaves wilt
    Once a sunny daffodil
    Soon destined for the compost hill... more »

  • Dunes

    In a hollow
    Etched out over time
    We take shelter from the wind... more »

  • Feeling Lucky!

    There's one thing
    That I know
    With utmost certainty...... more »

  • Felt So Small

    Felt so small,
    So scared...
    Tiny in his arms.... more »

  • Fire In My Belly

    I think perhaps
    You've mistaken me
    For someone you can bully...... more »

  • Food For Thought...

    If, on this night so dark and dreary
    You find yourself depressed and weary
    And contemplate the various ways
    That you might end it all...... more »

  • For Jennifer

    Tonight, a boy confessed
    God bless
    May she rest in peace.... more »

  • For The Love Of Chocolate

    Wouldn't life just be easier
    For many in the crowd
    If we just renamed the day
    And kept the music loud... more »

  • For The Moment

    Instead of waiting for our future,
    To unfold before my very eyes,
    I'll be content to be with you...
    For the moment.... more »

  • Free Your Soul

    To truly live
    And cherish life
    To feel every joy...
    One needs to bare their soul... more »

  • Frozen Fishsticks!

    Please laugh with me (not AT)
    As I share my morning adventure with you

    Ok...so... more »

  • Gifted

    My daughter came home from school today
    And somehow, our conversation
    Got onto the topic of 'gifted kids'!
    She made reference to...... more »

  • Gubble Bum (Kids Poem)

    Gubble bum, gubble bum
    Have you seen my gubble bum?
    The last I saw
    It was over there... more »

  • Have You Ever Thought...

    Have you ever thought of...
    Offing yourself..
    By Putting a plastic bag over your head... more »

  • Heart On My Sleeve

    Many years ago, my father tried to tell me
    That I should not become a social worker
    Because I was too soft...
    'You wear your heart upon your sleeve... more »

  • Heli-Bration

    There once was a pilot named Mike,
    Who flew heli's for profit and fun
    One day he flew higher
    Than ever before,... more »

  • Herb's Garden

    Down in Herb's garden,
    At the back of my house,
    The ladies were giggling,
    Making fun of a mouse.... more »