• A Forest Of Narcissus

    A forest of narcissus
    she said
    grew behind my house.... more »

  • A Tale Of Two Princesses

    Once there was a princess who wept pearls,
    and once there was a princess
    who laughed flowers. Both died, I heard.
    One of weeping... more »

  • Breaking The Sound Barrier

    Naively, poetically
    so many things can be said.
    Unheard of things. Non existent
    tongues emerge, find voice. Words... more »

  • Cape Of Good Hope

    Hope there always is—always should be
    when a ship is being smashed
    against the rocks. There is hope.... more »

  • Childhood Rain

    Rain in childhood
    falls without explanation
    simply pouring out of the sky
    we do not dance in it (like my children will one day)... more »

  • Do Not Weep Lonely Mirror

    The mirror in which I sought myself once
    sought me in turn, when spurned,
    its emptiness grew too vast for it to face.
    Emptiness, that black hole into which we must fall... more »

  • Forgotten Kaleidoscopes

    colours will sneak past the corner of your eye
    and stun it into stillness. Arch into hopeful rainbows
    gleam like a palette of gems... more »

  • Losing

    Summer means listless days
    struggling to find breath
    in the indolent rhythm of card games.
    Shuffling, dealing,... more »

  • Love That Flighty Djinn

    I would have liked to live forever within
    the opaque glass walls of your love. Seeing the world
    through misty eyes. The sun's heat
    softly tempered to my back. The rain,... more »

  • Mother Dominica's Tranquil Square

    In the tranquil square of memory
    I play hopscotch... more »

  • Palm Sunday

    You were not unaware
    of the efficacy of the grand gesture.
    The triumphant entry,
    a torrent of palms swirling in the air.... more »

  • Robben Island

    Another place of the skull
    Another Golgotha
    Clean neat bleached to the bare
    necessities of existence... more »

  • The Graveyard Has Shut Me Out

    I cannot be laid to rest
    like Rilke
    in the earth I have chosen
    for my own burial.... more »

  • Thoughts On A Ritual

    Tracing yellow lines
    On broad banyan leaves
    Winding the fragile thread
    Round and round...... more »

  • Woman On The Road To Lhasa

    Beneath the mask
    my face melts... more »