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You have age, imagination and talent You have honesty You have positivity What you lack is action And that makes all the difference And all your virtues dormant
To younger generation wasting time in daydreaming and mere idleness
I won't forsake my action Until I am assured A safe place in heaven
To work till the last breath
Life is certainly boring, but when you start living it You will aspire more of it
To live life positively

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Deepak has been one of the earliest poets on poem hunter whom I chanced to get acquainted and loved for his sincerity, commitment to his task, nobility of soul and the beauty of his writes! For reasons unknown he took leave for a long time. Now seeing his reappearance again, I feel greatly delighted! Wish him a much more vigorous creative phase and all grace from God!
Hearts melt in fondness of you. The trail blazer, a creature of wonder. Thanks for being you, honorable heart. More heights, Sir.
Have you ever written a book Deepak? Your words are so uplifting & soothing. I am always so glad I knocked on your page. Thank you
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