You have age, imagination and talent You have honesty You have positivity What you lack is action And that makes all the difference And all your virtues dormant
To younger generation wasting time in daydreaming and mere idleness
I won't forsake my action Until I am assured A safe place in heaven
To work till the last breath
Life is certainly boring, but when you start living it You will aspire more of it
To live life positively
Keep on trying and you will see things once looking more difficult are now becoming more easy
Not to give up come what may
To innovate is not to beat And to beat is not to innovate Innovation is creating new things Modifying old ones a little bit
To create things positively
Imagination is a thing with wings Flying higher and higher And on reaching there Aspires to go a little further
To imagine is to go beyond
I fail to succeed and succeed to fail After all both are my assets
Success and failure are part of life
As the whole world is one, and a holistic universe and the world is your own, you need not be a loner For the world needs you and is always behind you today and as ever
To inspire a person who prefers to be alone
Confronting or counselling a person, When he is angry is like adding fuel to fire
Circumstances of life
Smoking makes you hero first, Then reduces you to zero next