• If Only It Happened...

    under this big blue bright starred sky
    I deeply wonder below it as i lie
    Wish the earth would stop for a single day
    nothing could move or happen for a single day... more »

  • Lost In The Thought

    i'm lost in this big bad world, i can't see a thing
    the roughest and toughest person here is the king
    where else do i go whom do i trust
    everybody is in a hurry to be the first... more »

  • Midnight Dreams

    long ago it happened so
    love has tested another couple to either give them joy or sorrow
    there were two friends who were quite close
    everyone had a lover except them, so a game they chose... more »

  • Picture In My Mind

    What is life without that love?
    That very vague smile to cherish
    Or maybe, those few words he spoke
    To hear them again my heart is ready to perish... more »

  • Sweet Sleep

    when the night was dark and the air was calm
    and the lover waited for this from dawn
    he knew exactly where she would be
    high expectations in heart he left to see... more »

  • The Thorn Of The Red Rose

    There was something she thought again in his mysterious smile,
    She tried to forget him but it was not possible even for a little while
    She got out of her bed and walked around in the corridor
    She was not ready to accept but her heart knew whom she was waiting for... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    I hate the way you start it all
    and also how you miss my call
    I hate it when you make me cry
    even worse when you make me smile... more »