• Everybody

    With the Air i breathe, and the Life i lead
    Somehow i know I'm Wrong.....

    With the steps i take and every mistake... more »

  • Gangsta Love

    Damn u so fine, but how could i tell u? ?
    Not sure if u right, its jus somethin about u....
    My heart goes BumP BuMp
    Like my minds on a slow sluMp... more »

  • Me

    In everyones Life there comes a Time...
    Of Self Realization
    Love takes Time
    One thing i Lack... more »

  • My Love

    2 love you is more than 3 simple words
    A feeling-A thought-An emotion thats heard
    My love is louder than a super sonic boom
    Faster as well and 2 much 2 consume... more »

  • Questions

    I waited patiently 4 the Lord
    He looked down on me 4'm the heavens high
    Turned and heard my sorrowful cry
    My life turned sour, black and grey... more »