• Can You?

    Hello? Are you there?
    Can you see me, can you hear me?
    Can you sense me?
    Can you feel me?... more »

  • Caught In The Wind

    I can see the sorrow up ahead.
    I can feel the pain beneath my lungs.
    I sense the hatred and betrayal.
    The feelings of the unknown and the displaced.... more »

  • I Can...

    I love you with all my heart.
    And my thank yous are not enough.
    You are my guidance, my light.
    My Angel.... more »

  • I Dream

    The loneliest night
    The night that never goes away
    The night you realize.
    One, two, three, four... more »

  • Questions For An Angel

    The screen doesn't lie.
    The truth doesn't hide.
    I've lost her.
    She traded in her youth for angel wings.... more »