• A Women

    A womens heart is like a safe with a lost key,
    Secrets are buried deep inside where darkness lies,
    She sometimes wants to forget the trauma thats locked away,
    She cries, she lies, she prays,... more »

  • A Women I Once Knew

    I once knew a women so smart, so happy, so strong,
    Her life was of her own,
    She worked, she lived, she also was alone,
    She met a man that put on an amazing show,... more »

  • I Have Love, Yet Im Alone

    In the evenings Im greeted with warm kisses as he returns home from work,
    He tells me he loves me so much he doesnt know what he would do without me in his life,
    We make love Its tender Its compassionant,
    I have love... more »

  • Your My Gift For Christmas

    Sometimes Your mean,
    Sometimes your depressed,
    Sometimes you feel you cant give me your best,
    I have a gift this Christmas all on its own,... more »