• A Letter

    It should be hard for me.
    Now i'm reminded
    Of how long it has been...... more »

  • Drift Away

    Drift away
    like the sun-dried leaves flown
    by the cold North wind... more »

  • Idle

    it has been raining for sometime
    here, we lie on my bed
    i touch...
    i feel...... more »

  • Lost Too

    hundred of seconds of
    your silence
    overshadows my existence
    tonight, i don't know where i stand...... more »

  • Morning

    The air is crisp
    And the dew sparkles
    In the sweet morning light.
    We watch the sun rises... more »

  • Night And Day

    you are the night i dream...
    the shadow that embraces my body.... more »

  • Ode To A Dead Mp3 Player

    small, hard pleasure
    shall i push your tiny buttons...?
    hard and long till
    you used to lit your dotty, eye to me.... more »

  • Outside (Prelude To Idle)

    it has been raining
    for sometime and
    i lay here waiting cold,
    outside,... more »