• A Few Words Of Wisdom

    Never believe all the stories
    Trust only in your heart
    Never try to finish something
    That you didn't even start... more »

  • A Soldiers Story

    We start out to climb life's mountains
    With no fear we march boldly on
    We fight and fight and fight again
    Until all our fight is gone... more »

  • Battle Cry!

    I'm not talking about giving up
    And i'm not talking about defeat
    And i'm not fearing any man
    Cause theres a battle in these streets... more »

  • Conditions Of Life

    You’ve got to laugh to keep from crying
    Live to keep from dying
    Walk to keep from crawling
    Stand to keep from falling... more »

  • Dance

    On a pencil, they put erasers for a reason
    Auto correct so that we might not make mistakes
    In our life, there is a time for every season
    Our only hope, is that we bend and do not break... more »

  • It's Time

    It's time to say what you've come here to say
    and time to do what you must
    It's time to ask the questions of faith... more »

  • My Prayer

    For God is my strength and my redeemer
    Let Him hear my cries for help

    Let him reach down from Heaven and touch... more »

  • No?

    No sorrow no tears
    No worries no fears
    No doubts no stress
    No lying no test... more »

  • Power

    The power of truth is in the belief
    The power of love in the heart
    The power of faith is felt in the mind
    With every member of your being a part... more »

  • Sister

    A sister like you is hard to find
    One so loving and so kind
    True to the end with heart and soul
    Directing love in a way you know... more »

  • Sundays Promise

    They left him for dead just like another bad day
    Eyes filled with tears as they knelt down to pray
    Yet no one remembered those words he would say
    So they closed up the tomb and just walked away... more »

  • The Best Thing In Life Is Life Itself

    The Best thing in life is life itself.
    How we live it determines our role.

    The Good the bad and the indifferent.... more »

  • What Is Love?

    To many love is a feeling
    A strange warmth that cuddles the heart... more »

  • Without A Shepherd

    For you are not without a shepherd
    To walk alone is a big mistake
    He will lead you to the crossroads
    Yet the... more »