• 25 Years

    25 years WOW
    I am sure it was only the other day.... more »

  • 50

    I look in my mirror who do I see?
    Some times a stranger staring back at me
    I see the wrinkles forming as if right before my eyes
    I say I feel like a teenager but my pains know that it’s lies... more »

  • A Man Should Not Cry

    A man should not cry
    A man should not cry
    But I feel like crying again
    As the tears run down my face... more »

  • A Solider

    I gave my soul to the army
    It was more to me than just pay
    Defending our rights and our country
    I am a patriot you could say... more »

  • A Stranger

    Why do people tell strangers things?
    Things that they would not tell their friends
    Opening up and letting it flow
    It comes gushing out with all the raw emotion... more »

  • A Tear

    I never thought I would envy a tear
    A small dropp of salty water falling from your sweet eye
    As you walk out of the door I see it caressing your cheek
    I know it was my fault the tear was there... more »

  • A Weed

    I am hated I am hunted, Trod upon and poisoned
    When so very young ripped from my home
    Cast down to shrivel and die
    But I know life my kind are strong... more »

  • Alien

    I see a twinkle up in the sky a far of distant light
    Among hundreds it caught my eye shining o so bright
    Why did this one make me stop and stare?
    I have seen many stars before without even a care... more »

  • Being Thank Full For The Gift Of A Soul

    Come to the church the chapel of love
    We can kneel down praise the lord up above
    Being thank full for the gift of a soul
    Loved ones and friends we need them all... more »

  • Blind Fold

    You begged me to control you
    Giving your will that way
    Allowing yourself to be used
    Slipping in to the dom role... more »

  • Bottom

    O how lucky I am I was given a photo today
    It was so exquisite wow is all that I wanted to say
    To globes in perfect symmetry
    Uncovered in beauty standing free... more »

  • Carry

    I was walking through the woods today
    When I saw a name carved on a tree
    In a single heart was single name
    I wounded what it could be... more »

  • Cheating

    I ask for more I cry for more
    Here banging on your front door
    Through tear filled eyes it is hard to see... more »

  • Damned

    Is the Devil among us?
    Do we know his face?
    Has he started the destruction?
    Of the hole human race... more »

  • Dog

    You make me happy when I feel blue
    You are so loving the things you do
    You smile that wink is all I need
    You need not perform some super deed... more »

  • Door Way Of Time

    Stood at the door way of time
    O what sites we can see
    Looking back on the past
    Or into futures infinity... more »

  • Drink

    ... more »

  • Drums

    I hear drums sound by the river
    A sound like thunder makes me shiver
    Calling us to war
    For I know it’s the cannons roar... more »

  • Even In Death

    I could feel no pain
    As the blade entered my heart
    Blood spread across my white shirt
    Running down to the floor... more »

  • Fallen Angel

    O poor Angel was it such a shock
    That man could do this to you
    You’re an eternal with wisdom of the ages
    But men dragged you into their wars... more »

  • Far Of Land

    I had a dream it was just today
    I was in a land so far away
    The beauty took my breath from me
    Soft golden sands as far as the eye could see... more »

  • Fat

    I am fat I know I am
    Do I care? no I don’t give a damn
    I am happy with what I see
    Pleased with everything about me... more »

  • Fear Of Trust

    I am stood here in the rain
    Hoping the drops will wash away my pain
    It washes away my tears
    But still left are all my fears... more »

  • First Tour

    I am sat here looking I see a tear in your eye
    We both know soon it must be good bye
    For I don’t know when I will be back
    The photos of you are safe in my pack... more »

  • Heat Of A Woman

    The heat of a woman rising in lust
    To bring flames to life turning men to dust
    The heat that can burn, scorch and sear
    When ever the man gets to near... more »