• A Sapphire Wedding Anniversary - Especially For Audrey And Wally

    In a beautiful garden long, long ago
    Creator God made a man
    Man on his own alone was only half the plan
    So Creator God made him a woman... more »

  • Allen's Betrothal To Princess

    Allen and his to-be-bride
    He brings her home with joy and pride
    For his mother she is a new daughter
    For her father he is a new son... more »

  • Did It Have To Be?

    For the Pike River Miner Families

    Oh God, when grief goes beyond words
    A stricken sigh is all that can escape a stunned soul... more »

  • Don'T Look Back

    The Candle of Hope flickered
    But now it’s gone
    Don’t look back, don’t look back
    Light another Candle... more »

  • Girl, How Could You

    Walked down the aisle
    Girl you did, by his side
    Promised before God to your man
    The boys came along... more »

  • In Honour Of A Little Boy Who Became An Angel Just Before Christmas

    The lights are down this Christmas
    The stars refuse to shine
    The angels seem to have flown away
    As the bells they sadly chime... more »

  • Jesus, Bless This Home This Christmas

    Lord, the last so many years
    This home has seen happiness and tears
    Its every brick soaked up with tales
    With Love its mortar, the flagship’s sail... more »

  • Lady Delilah Dow

    Action, action! What a commotion!
    “What is the latest trend?
    Is there going to be an end? ”
    Lady Dow is trying to deliver... more »

  • Life's Hues

    Life is like a Rainbow
    Filled with colors somber and bright
    All shades of grief and passion
    Linger and twinkle in its light... more »

  • Live

    Life is a flower that blooms but once
    From bud to blossom
    Falling petals to bony seed
    Then the flower is gone... more »

  • Lord, Help Us Forgive

    Oh Lord, in this one life that we live
    Help us to love and to forgive

    When words so cruel and unkindly spoken... more »

  • Lost And Bleating

    O Dear God,
    I just wanted something better, just wanted something more
    Thought I could go out there and get it
    Cleverly maneuver and make it... more »

  • Love

    Hey, watch that gent
    His way things just went
    Built his power, his ivory tower
    She made his bed... more »

  • Marriage And Love

    Marriage gives life to love and love gives life to marriage.

    In marriage, love means:
    To know in your heart you were meant only for each-other.... more »

  • Merci, Johnny O!

    Hey Johnny O,
    With your true Little Mercy
    Set our student hearts dreaming
    Of living in and serving... more »

  • Mister God

    I knelt by my bed in the morning
    And said, “Please Mister God
    I want to be pleasing to You today
    But though I try so hard... more »

  • My Son's Teacher

    On this beautiful day
    For all of a whole eight hours
    My little boy I place
    Dear Teacher, with trust in these hands of yours.... more »

  • Oh Mr. Bernanke!

    Oh Mr. Bernanke
    Are we going to have that Rate-cut today?
    Aha, you are the candy-man
    Could wave your wand... more »

  • Smile

    One cold Sunday morning
    I walked across the road
    Cold wind striking my cheeks, leaving its bleeding marks
    Hands stuffed in my pockets, feet peeping through my socks... more »

  • Wars

    There are no loosers, there are no winners
    In wars that people wage
    Our world is fast going up in smoke
    We need to let in love’s rays of hope.... more »

  • Young Love

    A boy and a girl
    So young, so in love...
    Standing in the garden, holding hands
    I love you, my love, he whispers... more »