• I Want

    I want, the impossible I ruthlessly chase
    The dreams the goals the aspirations
    Sweating heartache, living regret, and anguish
    All to fill the need to have what I want... more »

  • Lament

    How does the wind wail so mournfully?
    Like a tragic consequence of untold loss
    A heartfelt bitter lament sewn with grief
    A way to make all take notice at all cost... more »

  • Learnt

    So I wait for your decision
    Knowing this due to history
    I have gone in many directions
    And all have individual stories... more »

  • Lines

    Today as the days before
    I thought about you
    And as I thought a smile broke
    Pure innocent and true... more »

  • London

    Thousands of millions myriads of trillions
    Given googles of pounds not unfathomable
    There within me a need to create billions
    Sad very sad this must have been programable... more »

  • More Than Maybe

    You may just be better off without me
    Blame is a word that was not intended
    Although you have the rights to it
    It is justified you don’t have to pretend... more »

  • Prove It

    Prove it resounds in my head
    Okay I love you easiest words
    now prove it,
    considering I left that doesn’t aide... more »

  • Questions

    how she turns my world
    how the revolutions mold me
    how she touches nothing
    but tickles everything... more »

  • Rash Enigma

    have this inate desire to acquire knowledge
    a need to have questions answered
    mysteries revealed mazes leading pledge
    but you're an enigma, mind boggling... more »

  • Resolute

    How does it melt into the distance?
    Fleeting does not come close
    To truly capture the speed of time
    A quantum sprint of the prose... more »

  • Temperance

    Waited again today, patiently waited
    So many promises and promises of promises
    Yet we wait a bit longer a bit more
    Just to see someone fulfill their promise... more »