• A Walk In The Garden

    A Walk in the Garden...
    Just you and me,
    Respite from our burdens,
    Enraptured with thee...... more »

  • Cruel Sun

    Awoke this 'morn
    To find I'd been born;
    Innocence broken
    And oh so forlorn.... more »

  • Final Solace

    The red-orange glow of peace;
    Reprieve; solace;
    Stillness in the shadows... more »

  • For Papa

    Hello, my old friend,
    Has it only been a year?
    It seems as though forever
    Since we have had you here.... more »

  • Nocturnal Needs

    My beautiful nightmare
    Showers sweet torment
    Into my slumber...... more »

  • Oh Lady

    Oh Lady show me
    Show me how to lie,
    Tell me to regroup,
    And make another try.... more »

  • Rain (Lyrics)

    Well, I just heard the thunder roar,
    But I did not see the lightning;
    Looking up to darkened clouds.
    The bitter wind is biting.... more »

  • Salvation

    Surrealistic mist,
    Wafting through my mind,
    Searching for a dream,
    That's impossible to find.... more »

  • Too Late 'Lyrics'

    It's too late,
    Too late for you.
    I'm fed up,
    And now I'm through.... more »

  • Waves Slowly Crashing

    Waves slowly crashing,
    Crashing into me,
    Breaking 'long the shore
    Of my fading memory.... more »

  • Whispers Of The Past

    Memories and shadows,
    Fill this empty place,
    Which once was filled with joy;
    Now gone without a trace.... more »