• Finding A Soul

    Mysterious access, remaking urban legend.
    A ancient past, as I enter a enlighting future.
    Body and mind disappear, like ghostly form.
    Shocking the world, with solid thought's.... more »

  • Fishe's Relocated

    ... more »

  • Food

    solid form substance's
    enrter the organism
    digest waste material... more »

  • Hair

    cool grizzly wind
    viking hair style lady
    waiting for time go by... more »

  • Hair 2

    chocolate man mongol hairsytle
    kung- fu looking dude
    walking on a warm brezzy day... more »

  • Half Century 1/4 Old Man.The Elevator Argument...

    As we waited for the elevator to come.
    It was 2 elevator. I was there first.
    So, when they both came down.
    We both jump in the same one.... more »

  • Half Man Half Beast

    As I am man, my other, half nature is brutal.
    As I show kindness and love, my other half is mean and ferocious.
    How can I tame my other half? You must put manacle on him.
    If, beast break loose free from them! What should I do to him?... more »

  • He Is Drunk, Writing Some Poem's

    A alcohol head! How can you write, while you are drunk!
    Don't even front, with your wobbly-leg mind?
    I'm still focus! Let me take another drink, with a buzz image.
    Slurring with my tougue. I said! La-La-La-La, I kept sipping.... more »

  • Hey, Hey, Hey Mrs. Gay, Gay, Gay

    Hey, hey, hey Mrs. Gay, gay, gay.
    How are you doing today?
    Im fine! About yourself?
    I feel like a wonderful day.... more »

  • Hooker Dollar Day

    Thy harlot's of the 21century.
    Shalt' forgive themselve,
    from using carnivorous element.... more »

  • House

    The foundation is the beginning of everything yo will build.
    Got to keep it strong, and highly maintenance.
    That is for sure.As you slowly keep building.
    You going to come across a few obstacle's... more »

  • I Am A Poem Fiend...

    The more and more I started reading.I just got more addicted.
    This diabollical force I notice, was enraging inside of me.
    As I started to sell everything I got, to get a fix of this poem.... more »

  • I'M In The Movie's

    Looking like a star-glazing celeb...
    Never thought, about being in this moment.
    That I been feature in a movie.... more »

  • Intoxicated Mind

    As I elevate my vigorous emotion.
    Having a feeling of great happiness.
    Viewing nature all around me,
    as I speak-out these word's.... more »

  • Jason Be Hating

    Jason why do you be hating!
    Everytime I around you; you alway; s faking.
    Boy! 'You need a role model.' Get something in life.
    If I was you, I be trying to become someone!... more »

  • Knock, Knock, Who Fat?

    Knock, knock, who fat?
    My name is Oily Jack.
    You need a crack-stem diet;
    like you on a hunger riot?... more »

  • Lawn-Mowing The Grass

    On a sunny clear-blue day. I get out the lawnmower.
    To give the grass it hair-cut. As it was long and wild.
    As, I started up the clipper on wheels, the sound was very loud.... more »

  • Lean Mean Poet Machine

    Rise a new breed, of a poet machine.
    As mind and body rengenerate.
    A upstart have risen.
    Arm with the tools, to carry out this mission.... more »

  • Living Or Death

    Massive height, viewing a mountain shadow.
    Overlooking, the surface of life.
    Plant's, animal's, and human being.... more »

  • Looney Al

    Walk's around, with spray-painted shoe's and hair.
    Wearing penny-lofters, with gold color painting on.
    With his hair slick-back, with gold color painted on the side.... more »

  • Lovable Heart Meets: Sinusitis

    Hey, Lovable Heart! I am in so much pain.
    I have lost my girlfriend, I am feeling so drain.
    I am heart-broken, I need a little advice!
    Can you tell me, how to get over this and move on?... more »

  • Mad At Internet

    focus on poems
    a lady on computer
    cussing out... more »

  • Mark The Supervisor

    I'm, Mark! The jolly gullible supervisor.
    I work around, some crazed, a few clowns, and one gifted talented man.... more »

  • Mark! Your Name, Rhyme's With Clark...

    Hello, Mark! My name is Mr, Clark.
    Did your fart! Mark? Dont even start.
    If I didn't! Who else did?
    You silly, Mr, Clark! 'You look like box-car Willy.... more »

  • Me Not Crazy, Are You?

    Me not crazy, are you?
    'What are you thinking? '
    I ain't no mental-craze.
    I don't run around, foaming out my mouth.... more »