• Me, The Lion, And The Missing Flower:

    Skipping through the jungle scenery,
    as im in some kind of dreamland.
    Focusing on to finds this special flower.
    As I breeze on by, did'nt see any type of flowers.... more »

  • Mentally-Ill Jill Meets: Silly Willy

    As Jill walk down the street.
    She approach this man, that had a funny-face.
    What is your name funny-face? My name is Willy.
    What your name, foaming-out the mouth woman?... more »

  • Mr.Clark Meets: The Barker's

    The kid clark had grew-up in this certain neighborhood.
    Me and there nephew, used to play all around the neighborhood.
    As time came by, now im grown-up. It all about the Barker's.... more »

  • My Job, Is A Circus

    Today topic: circus-looking worker's.
    Where, did we find these character at?
    What the hell! Animal-looking, bi-polar, and nomadic people.... more »

  • My Pet Mosquito's

    As I came outside, it was a hot humid day.
    It was, to hot outside, for the kid's to play.... more »

  • My Time Is Near

    Bright with passionate ensight.
    Brilliantly vision a epoch time.
    Developed into a universal poet.
    Entering a realm, of great writer's.... more »

  • Near-Future Of A Poet King

    Linking together, my past ans future.
    Dramatically, compressing my present.
    This surge of energy, that I kept concealed.
    Knowing a little distance, a monarch just arrived.... more »

  • Part 2: The Greatest Poem, Resurrected From The Ashe's

    The ashe's of the greatest poem, was place in a golden-urn.
    As it was placed, in a tomb, laying scatter and burn.

    Now, one year later. A strange of event, was occuring.... more »

  • Part 4: The Fish Saves The Worm

    The big-mouth fish, snatched the worm.
    As the worm was afraid; a small piece of him,
    was left, on the sharp object.... more »

  • Please Rain

    embracing the wind
    red dragon, spitting flames
    under a cool shady tree
    wishing for the cloud crie... more »

  • Poem Of The Ironwolverine

    Bones as steel, keen sense of beast.
    Unleashing this fierce behavior.
    As I tear through anything.
    Using my iron wielded claws.... more »

  • Prize

    Is it my quest, to be driven.
    Striving for perfection.
    Using mental concentration.
    Focus on becoming a prodigy.... more »

  • Riding The Greyhound...

    My destiny, is to travel to, the city of angel's.
    Imagining, all race's, and talented-people.
    With my, ' three-dimensional talent's, I fit in well.... more »

  • Running On Empty

    Food, water, and oxygen, is are embody for living.
    Take away them, life will just extinct.
    Praying for spiritual guidance, that your life don't run on empty.
    Mind, body and soul you always need to keep intact.... more »

  • Running Toward Greatness...

    Postitioning my spot, ready for the race of time
    As my body temperature keep rising,
    im am ready, at the line.
    As I bound from the start,... more »

  • Scarcity: Is A Mental Serial-Killer

    The opposite of wealth, is poverty.
    Why, is im trap, in this deficiency undertaker?
    It seem like, everywhere I look; I see mental death.... more »

  • Sexiest Lady

    You have a elegant, present about you.
    The beauty of 1,000, Miss Universe combine.
    With hypnotizing eye's, really, under a spell, my Queen.... more »

  • Shoes

    3 pair black shoes
    3 worn new pair
    on a bright day... more »

  • Solo, And The Musty Ranger

    Solo, and the wandering kin.
    Nickname: Moldy ans Spoiled.
    As the two, funking up the land.
    Riding there bicycles, on a scorning day.... more »

  • Splash

    ... more »

  • Split Personality

    as I break in-halve
    changing to multiple people
    I begin to speak
    my name is Silly-Willy... more »

  • Starving For Knowledge

    As I used my carnal mind.
    I am hungry for some answer's.
    As I seek for a higher power.
    While, im in-search for some wisdom.... more »

  • Street Holocaust

    In these mean street's, don't you get caught sleeping.
    Every which way you look, it seem like, someone out there creeping.
    Living in this urban combat life style.
    Hope that, you don't end up, on a statistic profile.... more »

  • Sub-Zero

    Living in this cold-blooded world.
    As my body is greatly chilled.
    Praying for a higher power to deliver me.
    Wondering, 'why this world so evil! '... more »

  • Sunday Afternoon

    feather's flying
    staring at the glaze of sunlight
    sipping toxic-drink
    using visionary thought's... more »