• Baby

    Baby let me tell u how I feel
    Baby let me love u till the end
    Baby my heart is urs
    Baby let me touch u all over... more »

  • Brain Shatter

    Can u hear me
    Do u hear my call
    Do u understand wait r who u r
    Pull ur hair to see if u can move... more »

  • Can I

    Can I call u anytime
    Can I have u to come over and drink wine
    Can I take ur hand and we do a dance
    Can I put my hand around ur waist... more »

  • Do U Want Me

    U say what's on ur mind
    U say how it needs to go
    U turn ur back on me when times get hard
    I say from my hurt and u rip it apart... more »

  • God's Words

    I heard ur cry
    I heard u was looking 4 me
    I heard u say thank u for wat I've done
    I see ur pain... more »

  • Hear The Cry Before The Door

    U want to push me around
    U want to call me out my name
    U want to hate me are on me
    U write about me... more »

  • How Can I

    How can i love u like this
    How can I love u when ur always piss
    How can i show u thy way it suppose to be
    How can I take u on the trip to love land... more »

  • I Love You That Much

    I love because that's how I feel
    I love u and that's for real
    I say this not to get what I want
    I say this cause your the one I need... more »

  • I'M Just Saying

    At one point will U let go
    Sometimes it rain and sometimes it snow
    If we all can just be friends and get alone
    Maybe u could see the world in my eyes... more »

  • Kid And The Sun

    I look up in the sky and i see so many shapes and colors.
    My life is what u see, but the colors are so dear to me
    Kid talk- U make me smile everytime u shine
    Sun-I want u to feel good and warm everytime... more »

  • Mama I Just Wanna

    Mama how u feel
    Mama have no fear
    Mama i've just called
    Dear Mama I just wanted to tell u thank u... more »

  • What If

    What if I didn't wake u up this morning
    What if I let u have a wreck
    What if I let that man brake into ur house
    What if I said storm take this and that away... more »