• Da Vinci's Demons

    I'm haunted by a ghost from 14th century,
    Telling me to be a centurion and command a century,
    Making me pledge to build a sanctuary,
    For guarding ARTS and LITERATURE eventually,... more »

  • Lost In Lust

    love at first sight,
    regrets at last,
    loving the site?
    forgeting the past?... more »

  • Lost Mind

    ... more »

  • Son Of Aleppo

    Click clock! Cock of a gun,
    Tok! Tok! Sound of glock-nine,
    Ten more fell by block nine,
    Whose to blame. I'm a Son of a gun,... more »

  • What If...?

    What if
    What if I was born in Israel?
    I could be a Jew
    Rising with the dew,... more »