• '2004'

    It was like yesterday you left
    And never came home
    Something went wrong with your surgery... more »

  • 'Always Wondered'

    “Always Wondered”
    My daddy was kidnapped by addiction
    He loved his abductor more than me.
    I always wondered if I was being punished... more »

  • 'Cold Day'

    “Cold day”
    The day you stopped smiling was incredibly cold
    Because that day was the day you stopped growing old.
    Your curly thin blonde hair stopped growing... more »

  • 'Guardian Angel'

    “Our Guardian angel”
    God spoke to you that day; he grabbed your hand and took you away.
    He needed a pure heart to create an angel.
    He whispered in your ear and said “Jerry it’s time to come home”... more »

  • I'Ve Been Exposed

    ... more »

  • Little Girl

    That little girl should have been fearless,
    Yet she was so helpless.
    That little girl was told nothing but lies,
    No one cared to hear her cries.... more »

  • 'Remember'

    I was only eleven when angels carried
    You home to heaven without anyone’s consent
    Your voice and your laughter is stuck... more »

  • 'That Day'

    “That day”
    I never knew cancer would take you,
    I ask “why? Why do bad things happen to good people? ”
    That day I realized the good in bad, cancer set you free.... more »

  • 'You'Re Never Alone'

    You take the noose, tie it up
    You’re shaking, as you stand on that chair
    You feel hopelessly ready.... more »