• 2 Poker Faces. They'Re Not Mine

    sometimes it feels better to rip up your books
    and sometimes its worth it to endure those dirty looks
    and sometimes i understand why you think i always cheat
    but sometimes isn't always and i cant always think... more »

  • 3am/Last First Love

    its 3 am. but i am not sleeping
    i've come down here to think about us.
    the stars above me have gathered together
    and the words are spelled out of love... more »

  • A Big Feeling Not There

    have you ever wanted so much you couldnt sleep?
    well hey then, guess what? you're probably doomed for eternity.
    because if you're like me, and you just want whats best
    you'll do anything to try and stop the pain from infecting the rest.... more »

  • A Boston Life

    when i think about these last few months
    i have to stop and breathe.
    because all i do is cry now
    cry for everything.... more »

  • A Close Call

    Maybe this life will take a turn
    and the hope that falls from your face will rise again.
    maybe the feeling of oppresive hurt
    will continue to hide in the end.... more »

  • A Crossroads Of Tearing Apart

    Can I tell you whats been going on with me?
    you have to promise me something though
    If i tell you about all my misery
    you have to let me go... more »

  • A Dads Story

    he yelled at her
    she screamed right back
    he said she'd have to grow up
    she said just be my dad... more »

  • A Disguise

    my mom and dad, they don't really understand me.
    i like to be alone, but thats not how they raised me.
    i listen to my music
    i've always loved the hard rock.... more »

  • A Fall That You Can Probably Hear

    can you hear us falling?
    i'm falling faster.
    its hard to remember
    what we've been chasing after.... more »

  • A Ghost

    these last few months have taught me
    things i never thought they could.
    like how to believe in myself
    when no one else ever would.... more »

  • A Grave Dying Goodbye Thing Poem

    today i walked by your grave
    i cleaned it up but nothing changed.
    you're still there, buried in the ground
    and i'm still here, just wandering around.... more »

  • A Hint

    My heart is failing quickly
    i can feel the strain take control
    this movement that we're starting
    is messing with my soul... more »

  • A Mind Of Their Own

    i try not to feel sorry for myself when i trip over my problems.
    i try not to blink when they tell me to stand still.
    even though i'm my own person, i need their words.
    even though i can think my own thoughts i still rely on theirs.... more »

  • A Mistake

    if i need help, i look to the sky
    the stars make up your face
    i know your looking down on me
    don't worry i'm still the same... more »

  • A Night Of Feeling This Way

    i couldn't help but to see you.
    i couldn't help but to hear
    your take on the world around you
    your take on not being there.... more »

  • A Runaway.

    Its okay.
    I'm not happy.
    So I'm gonna leave before things end badly.
    You can try and try for days, but today is the day...and i'm leaving tonight!... more »

  • A Story

    she was a daddy's girl
    they had that bond
    but she was so young
    when it all went wrong... more »

  • A World Going Crazy

    whats wrong with the world today?
    so many things in dissaray
    everything is not okay
    and i just wanna know... more »

  • Abandoning Me

    maybe i don't want to write
    maybe i don't want to say
    all that i've been thinking lately
    its too bad to hear today... more »

  • Abuse

    sally felt her daddy
    sneak into her bed
    she saw his dirty shadow
    his finger touched her head.... more »

  • Adifferent Place

    I float away to a different place
    I can't forget all the pain
    a whole different life
    far from paradise... more »

  • Afraid, I Am Not

    i feel chained, chained down
    can't find my way around
    can't stop or give it up
    just let me out... more »

  • Ah

    its so easy to forget,
    i forgave you, you forgot me.
    ha.... more »

  • Alice In Wonderland

    I'm confused in my own wonderland
    Alice has nothing on me.
    The falling down the dark endless tunnel?
    You get used to it.... more »

  • All Dogs Go To Heaven

    i watched them find his vein
    i couldn't face the change
    the medicine in that shot
    all was lost when he fought... more »