• It Should'Nt Of Been Him First.

    I can see now how i should've known
    I can see how you bit the truth back
    I can see that you always knew
    He would bend me until i cracked.... more »

  • It Started Well

    i feel like there's so much to write
    but nothing that i can just say
    and maybe thats what it is.
    and what it'll always be.... more »

  • It's About Time

    usually they inspire me
    but i swear you don't have to go
    i can learn to enjoy your company
    i can learn how to say no... more »

  • Its Infuriating (Thanks C)

    time isn't on our side
    life is just another fight
    that we won't win
    people will always be the same... more »

  • Joking

    joking? yes i was
    running? just because
    these times, this world, our hearts, three words.
    this time i'm gonna make it... more »

  • Just Because You'Re Not Here.

    what if you push me down
    will i stand up?
    what if i can be,
    anything that i can dream of.... more »

  • Just In Time

    i need to get some sleep
    but my phone's not flashing blue
    and the possibility of missing this
    is something that i can't do.... more »

  • Kind Of A Metaphor...I Think.

    The ocean is swaying the huge ship ever so slightly.
    The passengers look over the edge, leaning their stomachs on the cold metal railing.
    The sun is setting on the horizon, and the reflection on the water sends a warm shiver down their bent backs.
    The captain’s bell rings they’re ready to dropp anchor.... more »

  • Latin 1

    we don't understand each other
    you say one thing and i say another

    we could never agree on whats best... more »

  • Liar, Liar

    you said i was your everything
    i fell so hard.
    you played me, like a video game
    and you broke my heart.... more »

  • Lightning Strikes

    everywhere you go it seems lightning strikes, and then you crash
    pushing you to lose it all, hanging to the past
    everywhere you go it seems lightning strikes, but theres no rain
    nothing to wash away everything and the pain.... more »

  • Lions Don'T Talk

    zebras don't have spots
    and lions don't talk
    they said be normal
    like it or not... more »

  • Locked Away

    i heard you slam the door,
    i felt my world collapse.
    i know you wanted more.
    and i'm beginning to relapse.... more »

  • Lucky

    You're lucky you guys are still close.
    We were close.
    But, I didn't see him that much.
    He walked away when I was too young and too vulnerable to understand.... more »

  • Master And Commander

    When I was little, you were my savior,
    the master and commander of my life.
    You used to want me to be all that I can be.
    We grew up with each other we acted like one another,... more »

  • Maybe It'Ll Be Better If You Tell Me You Don'T Love Me.

    yesterday was too soon
    too soon to hear your voice
    and i guess it counts for something
    when i don't accept your choice.... more »

  • Melting Days

    in time i might find your reason
    i might cry less for you.
    but right now i can't stand believing
    that you could love me too.... more »

  • Miscellaneous

    ... more »

  • Mom Do You See What You'Re Doing?

    look. you don't have to share
    what you feel inside.
    you don't have to know me
    or want me to know its alright.... more »

  • Mom. I. Hate. You.

    i know now that i hate you
    for everything you've done
    i'm moving past appreciation
    because you're forcing me to run... more »

  • Mommy

    stop talking now.
    stop loving me.
    i don't want your heart.
    you won't ever know me.... more »

  • Moms Have A Choice.

    wanna know what i think?
    i think i just might hate you.
    no really. i don't love you.
    i really REALLY hate you.... more »

  • Monster

    so i guess my heart was showing
    'cause now its ripped in two
    and some i clutch, with disgust
    but give the rest to you.... more »

  • Mtsa

    i can take it.
    you can break this.
    you don't have to lie.... more »

  • My Best Friend

    i called her up to tell her,
    i was fed up with out her and i
    needed some comfort i'd been denying
    well she helped me without even trying.... more »