• My Heart And Head

    my abused heart is telling my head
    that i should really not fall in too deep
    and when im showing signs of a smile
    it keeps the smile away from me.... more »

  • My Mom...Kkkiinndddaaa

    she touched her belly and she never looked back
    all she depended on were the clothes that she packed
    no one could tell if she was scared or not
    nobody knew what they thought.... more »

  • Never So Sure.

    i've been here for a long time.
    and i know how you work.
    and i know that in your mind,
    you think you are my world.... more »

  • New Day

    i'm hurting you.
    and i like it.
    i feel for you.
    but i won't stop it.... more »

  • Night Time

    well its night time here.
    i guess you know.
    but it amazes me
    when it begins to show.... more »

  • No One Here Gets Out Alive

    No time to be so serious,
    No time to die with love.
    No time to walk so slowly,
    No time to just give up.... more »

  • No One Is Promised Tomorrow

    No one is promised tomorrow,
    No one is promised today.
    No one will be able to breathe, if life keeps going on this way.
    So we need to live for the outcome of beauty; because beauty is only skin deep... more »

  • No.

    being here is drowning me.
    the sun fades my heart.
    it's tough to see the light in me
    when my world is growing dark.... more »

  • Not Being Able To Cope

    remind me again of why i don't want to be here
    remind me again of your love
    it seems like i have everything
    but what i'm dreaming of.... more »

  • Not Real To Me

    do you see me?
    do you hear me?
    do you know how hard i fight?
    please believe me... more »

  • Not There. Not Anywhere. Stay.

    i found myself today.
    i found myself but ran away.
    still something pulled me back
    a strength that i forgot i had.... more »

  • Oh Please Flash Blue. No? God. Okay. I'Ll Wait.

    i can't explain the wrenching
    i can't explain the pain.
    i can't formulate any words
    to keep pushing you away.... more »

  • On My Own

    please don't say that you know me
    or have the power to control me
    please remember that i'll always fight back
    i'm my own person too... more »

  • One Big Scream

    ... more »

  • Ooo

    leave me,
    break me,
    tear my heart in 2.... more »

  • Outlaws

    in case you were wondering you're a little bit frustrating
    im just trying to take it slow.
    cuz if we were both here
    then i couldn't be there... more »

  • Over Obsessive Over Analyzing Signal Sign

    and oh my god.
    i think im falling
    and hold me close
    i dont feel like calling... more »

  • Paradox

    she likes fighting when she's mad,
    hurting when she's angry.
    she likes saying how she feels
    and loving when she's happy.... more »

  • Party: (

    Party people, party faces
    forget the pain within
    swirling drinks, laughing people
    the room begins to spin... more »

  • Pill Bottle Label

    she hung up the phone for the last time
    she was done playing this game
    her heart was on the edge
    since it took over yesterday.... more »

  • Prevailing

    write what you feel they said, draw what you see.
    how do i draw the life thats crashing in front of me?
    when i don't have the paper, when i don't have the words,
    how can i make sure they understand their baby girl?... more »

  • Pride\

    im aching for attention
    im searching for some love
    im really getting older
    you make my heart light up... more »

  • Psych

    how can i tell you i love you
    while i'm screaming for you to let go?
    why don't you hear the terror
    just waiting to quickly unfold?... more »

  • Puberty

    Pimples, growth, and weight,
    emotions, pitch, the rules change.
    suddenly emotional and not understanding why,
    suddenly indestructible, and getting into fights.... more »

  • Read This If You'Re My Dad

    im only just realizing that is just a joke.
    you laugh with me about it
    you've anchored this swaying boat.
    and you'd be better if i'd live without it... more »