• Rejection

    If you were to call me up
    Or even say my name
    I know itd be enough
    To take away my pain.... more »

  • Revenge...Ish

    just tell me what to say
    feed me the lines you've rehearsed
    put a mic in my mouth and a plug in my throat
    its okay to e coerced.... more »

  • Right Now I'M Inspired By Senses Fail

    right now i see i'm dangling off the edge
    hanging on times he will forget.
    right now i'm tripping up the stairs
    no inspiration cuz its never there... more »

  • Running

    ... more »

  • Saber And Snowy's Synthetic Fur

    these clothes that cloak my floor
    have watched my every move
    this paint that dresses my walls
    knows what i need to improve.... more »

  • Sacrificial Lamb

    i lock eyes with a nonexistent me
    the picture pinned on the wall
    reminds everyone of what they can't see.
    and how ready i am to fall.... more »

  • Salty Droplet Of Tear.

    Quietly we determine the depth of our sanity.
    Ever so quietly we extend our arms,
    but silently we do not hug,
    we push away,... more »

  • Save Me

    take a breath to pull yourself together,
    just another step until you're out the door.
    They'll never know that it tears you up inside to see them.
    you wish that they could tell you something, to take it all away.... more »

  • Scarin Me

    it really scares me sometimes
    that im really going out of my mind
    and its really such a shame
    that our hearts don't beat the same.... more »

  • Seems

    It seems like you’re okay with this
    When I’m so broken up
    I let the car spin faster
    It never spins enough.... more »

  • She Didnt Want To Fall This Hard

    'loves overrated. why even play? '
    'i'm not sure i know what you mean.'
    'id hate to fall and lose the game'
    'then why'd you say you loved me? '... more »

  • Short Memories

    my memories of you have vanished so fast
    i can't believe its been so long.
    the writing on the wall is all scratched
    tell me, where has this time gone?... more »

  • Short Strong

    Im sitting here alone
    My heart is torn apart.
    The feelings not mutual
    This thing I feel isn't smart... more »

  • Sigh

    and no matter the lengths i trek.
    no matter how much i really love you
    it all seems to hurt just as much
    when you tell me what you need to... more »

  • Smile

    i know you think you know me
    you have the power to control me.
    you think you can destroy me
    but i think you're wrong.... more »

  • Solving Linear Equations

    i thought about it all night.
    and i concluded
    i'm not fine.
    i just need closure... more »

  • Sometimes

    Soemtimes you cry but no one sees your tears.
    Sometimes you hurt, but no one sees your fear.
    Sometimes life looks like it’s going great, but destiny takes a turn. Sometimes your heart is sinking but you don’t know why it burns.
    There are things that make us believe nobody can stop our pain.... more »

  • Sonar

    you told me you believed in me
    said to show you my darkest place
    told me to yell if i needed you
    told me to get away... more »

  • Sorry

    well this year started out well
    note that sarcasm is intended
    im repeating another class
    and yet the fences are not yet mended.... more »

  • Start Of Something

    ive never had this writers block before.
    it must be a dream.
    words have never been distant before
    they've never been lost in me.... more »

  • Staying The Same And What Not

    Since i was a little younger
    i always had my dreams.
    i always had this hunger
    to accomplish all these things.... more »

  • Steaming And Screaming

    going through life with my eyes closed, is a feeling i know so well.
    not seeing but hearing people laugh, everytime i fought and fell.
    trying to make my way in this wonderland full of tears.
    i try to get back, yet excelling in my years.... more »

  • Story Of A Little Girl

    This is a story of a little girl.
    She held the pressure of the world.
    She balanced it out, not knowing what it could be about.
    She ran from tears, and the emotions inside.... more »

  • Stuck Like You

    i'm sitting here thinking
    my new favorite hobby, apparently
    with my legs crossed, my shoes off
    and my mind racing incoherently... more »

  • Sympathy

    your home and my home,
    two different things.
    yours feels like happiness.
    mine tears my wings.... more »